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Insure the most precious person of all.

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Progressage Life

Providing you with the best life Insurance options.

Progressage Life is more than a life insurance firm. We are a humble team of field experts, passionate about protecting families against the financial consequences of the unexpected passing of a breadwinner. We are completely unbiased and over the years, we have written life insurance policies for many families using some of the most respected insurance carriers.


We understand that life insurance is not a “one size fits all solution.” That’s why we help our clients source the best options suited to their needs and budget. One cannot pick something as important as a life insurance policy out of a hat. Education is power, and to get what you want out of your policy, you need clarity over what options are available to you.


Our goal is to help you make the most informed decisions possible, so you can enjoy your life with peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones (or business) are financially secure. As experienced life insurance experts, we’ll take care of the tedious side of things, so that you can sleep easy.

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