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Final Expense

Life Insurance 

Why Consider Final Expense Insurance? 

Coverage is Issued Quickly

– For those who are in still fairly good health condition and need immediate coverage, a final expense life insurance can be a great option. In many cases, these policies can be approved and issued within just a few days – or even sooner.


No needle sticks, no medical exams. Typically the insurance company will go by your medication on the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) report. Final expense life insurance policy may allow someone who has certain health issues to still qualify for coverage – even if they have been turned down in the past for a life insurance policy.

Proceeds for Paying Off Final Expense Debt

– Certainly, one of the primary reasons to consider the purchase of a final expense life insurance policy is so that there will be funds available for paying off the insured’s funeral and other related expenses. In some cases, an individual will even purchase an additional amount of final expense coverage so that their loved ones can also pay off any additional debt, such as uninsured final medical bills and / or the cost of hospice care.

Supplement to Other Life Insurance Coverage

– Even if a person already has another life insurance in force, these policies may be used to pay for other needs, such as paying off a mortgage or providing a surviving spouse with ongoing retirement income. Having an additional policy that is dedicated solely to paying off final expenses, then, can be smart financial planning. Oftentimes, due to its lower face amount of coverage, final expense insurance will be very affordable.

Companies that offer these types of policies.

Mutual of Omaha




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