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Benefit from this Today!

Sign up for a Whole Life policy and pay no premium for 30 days.

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Companies we work for are Mutual of Omaha, Columbian Life, Foresters Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Aetna CVS Life, Royal Neighbors Life, and more,

If you are between the age of 40 and 85 you can sign up for a Permanent Whole Life policy of up to $250,000 of coverage. The monthly premium will vary by age.

So what is Whole Life and why should I get one?

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Whole Life policies are permanent life insurance policies that:

  1. Premiums will not change.

  2. They earn cash in a savings account.

  3. They have a living benefit so you can withdraw cash.

  4. Payments to beneficiaries are tax-free

  5. Usually payable to beneficiaries within 48 to 72 hours

  6. Can cover some or all of a funeral expenses

Find out if you qualify?

Sign up today and there will be No Payment for 30 days. Whole Life policy No Medical Exams.  

Thanks for applying with us! A licensed Expert will get back to you soon.

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